The Art of Dentistry

The ‘Art of Dentistry’ is much simpler than you may think. Forget all of the clinical and technical stuff just for a minute. The ‘Art of Dentistry’ is enjoying what you do and allowing dentistry to improve your life. That’s it. Let me explain.

Morale amongst dentists has hit rock bottom. There are huge stresses associated with being a dentist. As with any professional job, you cannot get away from this; stress is a part of dentistry. When you feel under siege from these stresses, it’s easy to forget the great things about our profession. It’s also very easy to forget your value.

This presents in the form of the ‘treadmill’. All you are doing is exam, scale, filling, exam, scale, filling until the week is over and you have blessed relief (for a while). During the working week you are barely breathing. You don’t look up or pause. You simply march on. The system pushes us to this and can make us feel like there is no other option.

When you’re on this treadmill, being a dentist doesn’t often feel rewarding. You’re so busy and stressed that you don’t have time to appreciate the service that you are providing to your patients. Instead, you start to resent them as the cause of your situation.

You’ve stopped valuing yourself.
You’ve stopped valuing your patients.

This is not the way that being a dentist should be. If you are going to give up the best part of your week to work, you need to enjoy it. I believe that we are all very lucky to be a part of this profession. It’s not an easy job but it can be hugely rewarding. Think of the ability that you have to help people. You can relieve people’s pain. You can treat diseases that no other professional can. And you help your patients to laugh and chew and smile with confidence.

Start seeing the brilliance in you. Then you can start to fulfil your potential and use your career to serve your life.

I think there’s a tasty, little sweet spot that we all need to be aiming for. This is where you have found the balance between providing a great service to your patients whilst providing a great life for yourself and your family. We are so lucky that being a dentist can allow us to have wonderful lives full of meaningful work and personal freedom. But first we need to find that sweet spot.

In this blog, I intend to write about my personal beliefs that guide the way I work and live. I know that I don’t have all the answers but I think I’ve worked out the key questions. I hope that the articles on this website will get you thinking about the way you treat your patients and the way that you treat yourself.

But where do we start with the ‘Art of Dentistry’? How are we going to get back to enjoying what we do? The first step is learning to value yourself again.

Value yourself. Value you patients.

Read this article to learn the magical things that start to happen when you understand your worth. It really is magic, trust me.

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